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Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale Homes For Sale

The Fort Lauderdale area is well known for the homes in the Bay Colony which offer so much more than just a place to live. These homes are presented in excellent condition and a variety of styles. Those who pursue a home in Bay Colony are privy to all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer in waterfront living, luxury and a location that is close to all the extra indulgences.

Bay Colony in the Fort Lauderdale area is considered a small community that makes the perfect place for a second home or for spending your golden years. About 2,200 people call it home and everyday they have the benefit of enjoying the options that an upscale quality of life represents. Access to the ocean and views of the Intracoastal Waterway allows you to wake up to the majesty of this huge body of water called the Atlantic Ocean. Looking out on the water from your home makes for stunning views of the sea. You can watch the water traffic as well as participate in the many marine activities offered by this exclusive area.

The homes in Bay-Colony are priced just right for the waterfront properties found in this beautiful community. The calm serenity of this Fort Lauderdale neighborhood is purposely attractive to those that want to live on prime South Florida real estate far from the busyness of the more tourist-oriented portions of the city. The upscale homes are designed for life on the water, with deep water docks located off the back porches. The boat lover will be fascinated with easy access to the water, which is why Fort Lauderdale is such a hot spot for retired individuals.
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