Get to Know the Incredible One Thousand Museum Condominium


The One Thousand Museum preconstruction

The One Thousand Museum project will be famous for being one of the most dynamic buildings to exist on the planet. When people consider the One57 in New York and the One Hide Park in London, the One Thousand Museum condo is expected to be even more impressive.


This building is going to be the first condominium construction in the state to have a helicopter pad on its rooftop. As large as it is going to be, it will only contain 83 condominium units. In addition, every resident will have a private security concierge of his or her own.


The One Thousand Museum preconstruction building is going to be located at 1000 Biscayne Boulevard in downtown Miami. It will have 62 floors where people will purchase either a half-floor or a full-floor condominium home. With the purchase of a condominium unit, residents receive three parking spaces. If they have access to a helicopter, they will be able to use the building’s helipad. The furnished homes in this tower all have custom-made closets, designer lighting fixtures and gorgeous floors.


The Completion Date Is Set for 2016


The developers expect to be finished constructing this building in 2016. When it has been completed, residents will have incredibly large homes with half-floor plans that measure 4,500 square feet. A full-floor plan contains as many as 9,800 square feet.


For the privilege of living in this building, residents can use the helipad, take part in the building’s rooftop events, visit the cigar lounge, swim in the building’s pool, exercise in the cardio room, play a game in the billiards room and enjoy the private screening room. Furthermore, this building will have several large indoor pools, hot tubs, cold plunge pools, hot plunge pools and a private spa. Residents will also have saunas, steam rooms and cabanas to enjoy.


Those who purchase these units as investment properties and those who are going to live in these homes permanently are anxiously awaiting 2016 when the building will be completed. The purchase price for a half-floor home is $4 million, and a full-floor home is $12 million, but the duplex on the top floor has the immense purchase price of $50 million.


Real estate in downtown Miami is famous for being innovative and adventurous. Even with this being the case, this new building is going to take these adjectives a lot further. Wherever people are in southern Florida, they will be able to view this new construction as part of the skyline, and it will be obvious that architects can invent extremely bold designs that fit in well with the rest of downtown Miami’s architecture.


The Prominence of Foreign Buyers


The Miami area suffered from a housing bust like the rest of the country. Since that time, a majority of the condominium purchasers have been from foreign countries. These homes are offering foreign investors a safe place to invest their cash in a gorgeous part of the United States. Many people are eager to purchase even though there is a certain amount of risk attached to this project.

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