New Oceana condominium building in Bal Harbour


Oceana pre-construction condo in Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour will have a new building in the near future. The 5.54 acres of land that currently hosts the Beach Club will have the Oceana Bal Harbour standing on top by 2016.


The executives at the Argentine development firm Consultatio has taken the reigns on this project and purchased the Beach Club for $220 million, and they are getting ready to give the world an incredibly ostentatious new condominium building. The plan is to destroy the Beach Club sometime during the third quarter of this year so that the developers can make room for the Oceana Bal Harbour pre-construction building. The ground-breaking ceremony will take place right after the Beach Club has been demolished.


Consultatio is also the firm that is responsible for the Oceana Key Biscayne in Biscayne Bay. People expressed so much interest in this building that the Oceana Key Biscayne’s pre-construction phase can only be described as a success, and the people with Consultatio believe that they will experience this same type of success with their new building. The building is going to be one of the most affluent condominium constructions in an already extremely prosperous location.


What people liked the most about the Oceana Key Biscayne were the designs and the architecture, so the architects decided to continue with this theme. The architectural firm Arquitectonica designed what has been described as a “glassy” structure, and early drawings of the new building demonstrate that the design isn’t much different from the Oceana Key Biscayne. Therefore, the architects are looking for the same favorable outcome with the new building that they enjoyed with the first one by giving people more of what they loved in the Oceana Key Biscayne.


When the pre-construction phase starts, people will be able to purchase the 250 Oceana Bal Harbour condos for sale that come with a $2 million price tag. However, they must not think that this new building is associated in any way with the Oceania Island or the Oceania Sunny Isles Beach.


This new building will have a great deal of delectable amenities for new residents to brag about to their friends. Every one of the units has a view of either the Atlantic Ocean or the Biscayne Bay, and every resident has access to the building’s restaurant and spa. Those interested in this new building will be able to place their bids on a new condominium home in the third quarter of this year.


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