What’s New about One Brickell CityCentre?


One Brickell City Center

Brickell real estate is going to have a new awesome condominium building. Swire Properties, Inc. purchased the property on which the new building will stand in July and just released new details about the construction. The tower that will be built at 700 Brickell Avenue is going to have 80 floors. This constitutes a sensational addition to the project that the developers are currently building.   


The newest addition to the One Brickell City Center will consist of residential properties, but it will have more than just condominium homes. The property will also have a lounge, a restaurant, a hotel and spaces for offices as well as retail stores. Currently, the property houses the Northern Trust Bank Tower.


After the developers have replaced the Northern Trust Bank with their residential units and office spaces, they plan to call the entire entity the “One Brickell CityCentre.” Swire has a $1 billion dollar budget for this project, and the One Brickell CityCentre condominiums are going to be just one part of it with the condominium homes being located on the eastern edge of the property.


Swire’s president Stephen L. Owens released a statement in which he asserted, “Our goal is to develop a structure that will be artful in its mix of uses and will advance Brickell Avenue’s stature as Miami’s premier destination.”


Swire made it a point of hiring one of the best architectural firms to design its building. This statement is known to be true because the building is going to be designed by the famed Arquitectonica firm.


In another statement, Swire announced that the company “…intends to work with the city of Miami to have One Brickell CityCentre approved as an extension of the existing Special Area Project.”


The project is currently in Phase One of the development process. Construction crews are working on building the luxury shopping center, two residential towers, an EAST, Miami by Swire Hotels, Class-A offices and serviced apartments. The community will also have a wellness center that is under construction now.


Swire had to bid for the property in July, and it promptly won its bid to purchase this valuable piece of land at 700 Brickell Avenue. The company parted with around $64 million in order to buy the property that is now headquarters for the Northern Trust Bank. The Northern Trust Bank doesn’t plan to close its doors because it is going to move to 600 Brickell Avenue. At that location, it will take over the ground floor of the building where it will be an anchor tenant to the 700 Brickell Avenue property. 


Two different entities sold this Downtown Miami luxury real estate to Swire. One is the Northern Trust Company and the other is the Marjorie O. Brickell Revocable Trust.


When Swire was in the process of purchasing the property, Owens was aware of how important this acquisition would be for his company. He stated, “The site is of great strategic importance for the development of Brickell CityCentre because it provides the project with a critical front door onto Miami’s most significant boulevard.”

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