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New Downtown Miami Resort - "the most iconic destination resort in America".

New Downtown Miami Resort


As if there could possibly be anything more to attract seekers of exclusive Miami real estate to South Florida, it has recently revealed its newest project in the form of a mega resort. This huge undertaking will take Miami to another level as a Mecca for entertainment and opulent lifestyles. It will also be a welcomed addition to the existing vast selection of homes and condominiums with 5-star accommodations and amenities.

The new resort has already been named "Resort World Miami" and will be filled with even more over-the-top presentations that mimic the existing luxury condos and hotels. It has been predicted to accomplish an impactful milestone at its inception; an estimated 29,000+ permanent jobs will become available in South Florida. This currently booming community will be thrust into economic overdrive with gainfully employed citizens, which foster increased spending and add further vibrancy to the area.

The group that has been selected to take on this progressive project will build Resort World Miami in the location where the Miami Herald is now situated on this precious real estate. This 13.9 acre property was purchased by the group earlier this year (2011) for the amount of $236 million. That's called hefty acreage for a hefty price. Once demolition is underway, the vision will be evident for this hot spot near the Miami luxury condos.

The additional property purchased by this group consists of a Northeast First Avenue and 15th Street building. This prime real estate is ripe for new developments that include their next possible purchase of the Omni Hotel. These upcoming projects are sure to enhance the areas that surround the upscale homes. Owners of the many luxury condos will consider these new developments as instruments set to increase the value of their properties.

Resort World Miami will resemble a resort-style hotel that is a four tower hotel complex boasting over 50 retail shops, restaurants and lounges. The unique feature of the resort includes a rooftop lagoon which will most likely be the main attraction to the hotel. A spokesperson for Resort World Miami went so far as to say that this project is to be considered as "the most iconic destination resort in America".

Once gaining the approval of the state legislature, Resort World Miami will also house a Las Vegas-style casino. As the projects awaits approval, it is predicted that the Downtown Miami landscape will change dramatically as a result of the $3 billion price tag attached to Resort World Miami. However, a completion date has not been established. For Miami homes in this South Florida region an opportunity for growth is on the horizon.
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