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Hillsboro Mile Homes in Ft.lauderdale


South Florida is known for its breathtaking homes that dot the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway. These homes are often large in size, plentiful in features and rich in quality. They are the most desirable living locations in the state. For those who enjoy the warm weather, they’re the most desirable living locations on the entire east coast. Who wouldn’t want to bask in the lap of luxury while enjoying beautiful ocean views from their own spacious balcony every morning? If that’s not good enough, how about going for an afternoon dip in the pool, which happens to be on an elevated surface overlooking the ocean? Let’s also add the likelihood that the average home here comes with a boat dock that can fit a large yacht. Yes, this is paradise, and it does exist. It goes by the name of Hillsboro Mile, which is 20 minutes north of Ft. Lauderdale. If you would like to know more about this perfect world, you will find more information below.

The first thing you need to know about any home for sale in Hillsboro Mile is that if you want top-tier quality, you’re going to have to pay for it. This is a good thing because it leads to attracting only upper-end clientele. This, in turn, leads to a quiet and peaceful community with respectful neighbors and no crime. If you’re not a millionaire and you would still like to live in Hillsboro Mile, it’s recommended that you look into condos. 

If you’re looking for a single family home in Hillsboro Mile, expect to find a combination of pristineness and luxury. The majority of these luxury homes are on the water. This means you’re likely to have views of the ocean from your bedroom, living room and possibly your kitchen. Even if you don’t have a view from the kitchen, the weather is usually gorgeous and you will likely have a large balcony; therefore, you can simply dine outside and enjoy the views as well as the fresh air. If you own a boat, you can walk down to your own private dock and head out to sea for the afternoon. If you’re not the boating type, you can walk to the beach instead. Other options when it comes to activities include fishing, walking the streets of Hillsboro Mile to enjoy all the different mansions, exploring nearby attractions in Ft. Lauderdale, eating at one of the many fine dining establishments in the area and so much more. The difference between Miami waterfront homes and Hillsboro Mile waterfront homes is that the Hillsboro Mile homes are farther away from the action. Some people look at this as a positive and others look at it as a negative.

If you’re human, then all of the above likely sounds appealing and exciting. If it happens to also sound overwhelming, don’t worry. While Hillsboro Mile homes might offer a great living opportunity, you don’t have to live there full time. These luxury homes can also be used for vacation purposes and as investment properties. The great thing about investing in luxury homes is that price appreciation equals more profit dollars than investing in mid-range homes. That being the case, whether you’re looking for Miami homes or Hillsboro Mile homes, it’s recommended that you go for luxury.

Now let’s take a look at the types of homes that are available in Hillsboro Mile. If you can afford to spend $15 million, then you will have an opportunity to live in a single family home dreamland. For that price, you can find a 6 bedroom/6 bathroom home on an Atlantic Ocean/Intracoastal Waterway lot. In other words, you will have access to both the ocean and the waterway. Add a dock for your yacht, an enormous balcony overlooking a large pool and the beach, vaulted ceilings and a patio. It doesn’t get any better than that. These are the ultimate luxury homes. For $9 million, you can get the same thing on a slightly smaller lot. If both of these are out of your price range, you can find a condo. For $725,000, you can have 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2,300 square feet as well as access to a tropical oasis with a waterfall, swimming pool, private beach, fishing pier, as well as shops and restaurants.


Las Olas Isles Real Estate

Visiting the beach is nice, but living on the beach is heavenly. The problem is that most beach towns are overcrowded. Having to fight through traffic, wait on lines at restaurants and search for spots to lay your blanket down on the beach isn’t enjoyable or relaxing. On the other end of the spectrum, many beach towns are incredibly quiet yet they don’t offer much in the way of restaurants, shops and attractions. It’s difficult to find beach towns that are peaceful, beautiful and offer nearby top-tier dining and attractions all at the same time. One of those places is Las Olas Isles in Southern Florida. The smartest homebuyers and investors already know to buy homes in Las Olas Isles in Ft.Lauderdale.

If you’re interested in living in the ideal beach setting, then you need to look into homes in Las Olas Isles. These homes range from $900,000 all the way up to $15 million. The lower priced homes are often single family homes that standout because of their beachfront locations. Some of these homes are in tiptop shape while others require renovations. If you’re an investor, then you should consider these properties as excellent money making opportunities. The demand here is high mostly due to location. As far as the higher priced homes go, most of them are modern homes that have generated a lot of interest.

If you want to buy homes in Las Olas Isles in Ft.Lauderdale for investment purposes, you will find the demand high, which will make selling a property much easier. If you would like to buy homes in Las Olas Isles in Ft.Lauderdale for living purposes, then you’re going to find yourself enjoying a laidback and upper-scale lifestyle where natural beauty and friendliness reign supreme. A third option when it comes to Las Olas Isles real estate is to buy a property as avacation home. If your job requires you to be in a different city, then you might want to consider looking at homes in Las Olas Isles so you can use that home as your much needed and deserved escape. If you’re coming from a city like New York, Boston, Washington or even Miami, you will notice a much slower pace, which is soothing for the mind and body.

You might be wondering more about the area. This is a classy area with various styles of homes and magnificent water views. You can buy a home on the Intracoastal Waterway, New River, Atlantic Ocean and more. There are many open access canals to choose from. If you own a yacht, it might be possible to dock it at your own home – depending on the home you purchase. The streets are great for walking thanks to lush gardens and modern mansions for viewing. Most of the homes here offer spacious lots.


Harbour Heights Homes Ft.Lauderdale

  Harbour Heights Homes Ft.Lauderdale

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In the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area, thecommunity of Harbour Heights has a varied amount of options in upscale homes for sale. This thriving family oriented neighborhood of Harbour Heights homes is filled with lots of recreational and cultural activities. It is also considered as the perfect environment for retirees and those who choose to purchase a second home. For those who reside in chillier climates, Harbour Heights Fort Lauderdale is the ideal location for melting away all traces of winter.

Most of theHarbour Heights homes consist of high-rise condos and condo complexes. As they are situated along the tip of the Florida peninsula, homeowners in community of Harbour Heights enjoy pleasant weather conditions year round with excellent water views. In fact, these prestigious homes are popular for their location near the water and the residents are facinated with this feature.

Your choice of options are limitless, with a generous amount of single family homes, apartments and rowhouses in Harbour Heights. There are homes available that date back as far as the 1950's and 60's, as well as historic and more modern homes. Choose up to five or more bedroom Harbour Heights homes or modest one or two bedrooms that are somewhat aged. The homeowners of Harbour Heights pride themselves in home ownership and they occupy these homes for a good portion of the year.

The homes of Harbour Heights are owned by mostly upper middle-income residents, with older seniors and middle-aged families. The community has an artsy feel and a nautical theme that places you directly on the water in some homes. Harbour Heights is the kind of neighborhood where walkable venues and activities can be accessed. Home prices in the Harbour Heights tend to trend upwards, but are quite desirable to those fleeing from the colder temperatures. The strong demand from homebuyers in this area has been the result of the market's national recession. However, since the 1990's home values of Harbour Heights Fort Lauderdale still remain higher over the last five years and climbing.



Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale Homes

Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale Homes For Sale

The Fort Lauderdale area is well known for the homes in the Bay Colony which offer so much more than just a place to live. These homes are presented in excellent condition and a variety of styles. Those who pursue a home in Bay Colony are privy to all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer in waterfront living, luxury and a location that is close to all the extra indulgences.

Bay Colony in the Fort Lauderdale area is considered a small community that makes the perfect place for a second home or for spending your golden years. About 2,200 people call it home and everyday they have the benefit of enjoying the options that an upscale quality of life represents. Access to the ocean and views of the Intracoastal Waterway allows you to wake up to the majesty of this huge body of water called the Atlantic Ocean. Looking out on the water from your home makes for stunning views of the sea. You can watch the water traffic as well as participate in the many marine activities offered by this exclusive area.

The homes in Bay-Colony are priced just right for the waterfront properties found in this beautiful community. The calm serenity of this Fort Lauderdale neighborhood is purposely attractive to those that want to live on prime South Florida real estate far from the busyness of the more tourist-oriented portions of the city. The upscale homes are designed for life on the water, with deep water docks located off the back porches. The boat lover will be fascinated with easy access to the water, which is why Fort Lauderdale is such a hot spot for retired individuals.

Short Sales vs. Foreclosures In Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Short Sales vs. Foreclosures In Miami & Fort Lauderdale
By Oceanfront Realty Expert

Buying Miami foreclosure home is a far different thing than buying a Miami short sale home
Both of them involve properties that are in distress. A foreclosure action is taken by the bank that owns the mortgage on the home when the owner becomes behind in their payments. There is a specific process the bank must go through to take this action and, in the end, the bank owns the property.

A short sale is a much different thing. There are specific consequences for the buyers involved in these transactions and it’s important to understand what you’re getting into if you decide to buy a distressed property in either scenario.

Purchasing Foreclosure Homes in Miami or Fort Lauderdale
When a homeowner cannot make their mortgage payments for some reason and falls far behind, the bank will try to recover their money by seizing the home. After the home is seized, the homeowner loses all of their rights to the property and the bank will generally sell it off as quickly as it can. Approximately 4% of the homes in the use are facing the specter of foreclosure.

When a homeowner falls behind in their payments—usually 3 months behind, in most states—the lender will send what’s called a Notice of Default (NOD). The NOD informs the homeowner that their property will be put up for sale if they fail to make good on their mortgage payments and constitutes a threat to take the home away from the homeowner. The bank, not having been paid, has this option and the homeowner will likely find themselves without a roof over their head if they don’t make the situation right. This happens for many reasons. Recently, high unemployment and the bursting of the Miami real estate bubble have contributed to what’s been termed the Foreclosure Crisis in the media.

Buying a home that’s in foreclosure is much faster and more convenient than buying one that’s being offered in a short sale. If you make an offer to the bank, they have 7 business days to reply, ensuring that there is speedy communication between the buyer and the bank. Where a short sale is concerned, the situation is much different.

Purchasing Miami Short Sale Property
A short sale is a way that the homeowner tried to make the situation with the bank right but is also one in which they walk away from the property.

A short sale is oftentimes brought about because the homeowner is facing a financial hardship. They may have lost their job, incurred high medical expenses or have endured some other setback that resulted in them not being able to make their house payments anymore. When this happens, they have the option of simply defaulting on their loan, which is never a good idea. As an alternative, they can arrange for a short sale of their property. They may also pursue this action if the value of the home is less than the total amount of loans and liens against the home; a situation that is oftentimes referred to as a mortgage being “underwater”.

The bank has to approve the short sale. This requires that the borrower provide them with evidence of their financial hardship. This is oftentimes done with the assistance of a realtor and the bank or other lender will generally take the petition more seriously if it’s filed by a real estate professional.

After the bank has approved the short sale of the home—which may or may not happen—the home is put off for sale in the normal fashion. It is listed on the Miami MLS system and the realtor does the work of advertising and showing the home to perspective buyers. The difference between this transaction and a normal real estate transaction is that the lender understand that the property will not sell for the value of the loans against it and, therefore, that the sale will be literally short of the original value of the home.

The seller gets to walk away from the sale without owing any money, in the ideal situation or them. This is a way that they can sell their property instead of having it foreclosed upon and it is sought out by sellers who want to mitigate the damage to their credit. There will, however, still be damage to their credit in this situation.

For the buyer, the real difference is that the short sale process is a competitive bidding process. It can take up to 6 months or a year to find out whether your offer has been accepted. Because you have committed to that deal, of course, you cannot make offers on other homes that may become available on the market. This can severely limit the ability of the buyer to stay active in the real estate market and, of course, this makes the arrangement much less attractive to very aggressive buyers.

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