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Hallandale Beach Luxury Condos

If you desire living in a paradise-like environment in North Miami Beach and you don’t want to pay too much for it, look into Hallandale real estate. Not only will you have access to your own private beach, but you will also be within easy driving distance to all the great restaurants, bars, nightclubs and everything else Miami has to offer. In addition to that, Hallandale is home to a thoroughbred racetrack, a greyhound track and private marinas. If you like to play the slots, you will be happy to know that Hallandale recently approved slot-based casinos.

Most people who move to the area choose to live in Hallandale luxury condos. Most of these Hallandale luxury condos offer everything from marble flooring to floor-to-ceiling windows to whirlpool tubs, but we will go into further amenity details below. What’s important for you to know first is that there are many different Hallandale luxury condos to choose from. The most popularHallandale watefront condos include Beach Club I, Beach Club II, Beach Club III, Hemispheres and Ocean Marine Yacht Club.

Beach Club I and Beach Club II offer Hallandale beach condos that begin at $550,000 and can easily reach into the millions. Ocean Marine Yacht Club offers Hallandale beach condos that begin at $350,000 and can reach a few million. Hemispheres offers Hallandale beach condos that begin at $180,000 and can reach a little over $1 million. We will focus on Beach Club III because their Hallandale watefront condos have a wide range between $370,000 and $3 million. For $370,000, you can own a 1-bedroom Hallandale condo, which is one of the most desirable places to live in Southern Florida. You’re not going to find a better bargain. For $3 million, you can own a beautiful Hallandale luxury condo, which means one of the most impressive luxury condos in the world.

Let’s being with the 1-bedroom Hallandale condo at Beach Club I. You should expect to find a large dining room, European cabinets, a walk-in marble shower, a full-width vanity mirror, an elongated water closet, a stackable washer/dryer, central air/heat and superb ocean views. If you can afford the largest 3-bedroom Hallandale condo, you should expect to find everything listed above including a gorgeous kitchen with marble counters, an enormous amount of space and a rooftop living area with couches and tables. Not many people have an opportunity to live like this, even if they have the money to afford it. This is the ultimate experience when it comes to a Hallandale oceanfront condo.

The features you should expect to find with a Hallandale oceanfront condo are impressive, but the amenities for Beach Club I itself are just as impressive. The following is also proof why you should consider a Hallandale oceanfront condo before a Hallandale luxury home. While a Hallandale luxury home is a great option, it simply doesn’t offer the same kind of lifestyle. If you’re unsure and you want proof, search for a Hallandale mls number and compare the amenities at the Hallandale luxury home to the amenities at any of the Hallandale watefront condos. What you will notice is that only Hallandale real estate available at Beach Club I will offer a heated pool overlooking the ocean, a fitness center, a sauna, a steam room, a sundeck and even a juice bar with pool and beach service. You will not find all these amenities combined at any luxury home.


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