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The Surf Club Hotel and Residences in Surfside

Surf Club Condo Hotel Surfside

Now You Can Live Like the Rich and Famous in Surf Club Surfside

Miami Beach has another fabulous luxury hotel in the pre-construction phase this year. This particular building is going to occupy eight acres of beachfront property in the highly coveted Bal Harbour area. The building’s architect will be the award-winning Richard Meier who knows how to create a building that takes the area’s history into account. This history will be evident as people come to live in the two residential towers or visit the five-star hotel and also partake in the elegant atmosphere that existed in previous times.


The Surf Club has been in existence since 1930, and it has been the host to many notable people, including Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Winston Churchill. Although the Surf Club Hotel and Residences are set to be built on this property, Meier intends to leave the Mediterranean villa and its original ballrooms, Peacock Alley loggia and cabanas intact. The future 150 residences will be able to give people everything that they could possibly want from a condominium building like the Surf Club in Surfside.

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People will be able to expect Richard Meier to pay meticulous attention to the inside as he obviously does to the outside of his masterpieces. He promises that the homes will be huge, but some units are going to have even more to offer. For example, some of the Surf Club Residences Surfside will have their own swimming pools as well as their own Zen meditation gardens and private elevators.


Residents in Surf Club will also have plenty of parking spaces, and their homes will have an area designated just for the staff. These homes will be created so that people enjoy the modern comforts of home, but they will also allow residents to take part in nature without having to compromise their privacy. The view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Biscayne Bay will be more than evident, and people will be able to see for miles into the sky and across the water.


This building is going to ensure that people learn how to enjoy themselves, and just one example of where residents will be able to do this is at the spa. The building will even give people a choice between a fine dining establishment and a casual restaurant. 


Residents will have the privilege of spending time in a manicured garden where they will be able to play a variety of games in full sight of the Atlantic Ocean. When they are in need of anything, the only action that will be required is for them to pick up the telephone and ask the concierge. People are expecting this building to be the most popular in the area.


The original building that was designed by Russell Pancoast will be renovated in order to preserve the building’s historical significance, so new residents of the Surfside will not miss what came before as they enjoy what is in the present. 

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