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Aventura Marina

Aventura Marina condo 1977545691
Aventura Marina condo 1486476587
Aventura Marina condo 1830962927
Aventura Marina condo 1419008969
Aventura Marina condo 1095718252
Aventura Marina condo 1964241968
Aventura Marina condo 258644816
Aventura Marina condo 1363903535
Aventura Marina condo 1778020266

Featuring two and three bedroom condos, the luxurious Aventura Marina in Aventura is designed for family living. Most activities have been made family friendly as well and are regularly hosted by the hi-rise community

Price From: 
$720 000


Artech condo 635687560
Artech condo 153857964
Artech condo 618055523
Artech condo 1810097177
Artech condo 757398203
Artech condo 1169927666
Artech condo 1682090186
Artech condo 1809402363
Artech condo 1058382235
Artech condo 488255151
Artech condo 1622538886
Artech condo 1597246204
Artech condo 678955489
Artech condo 1661708065

Designed by Carlos Ott and built by Fortune International, Artech in Aventura offers something different in Florida housing options. These town homes are stylish and upscale, with a luxurious environment. Aventura condos offer residents tennis courts, a beach club, and of course, a marina. Situated on 188th Street, Artech Miami has full access to many of the fashionable destinations Aventura real estate has to offer

Price From: 
$285 000
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