The Balmoral Condominium

The Balmoral Condominium condo 1268518566
The Balmoral Condominium condo 249624662
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1814843974
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1742584543
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1113387076
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1238557075
The Balmoral Condominium condo 133964105
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1869498179
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1868206316
The Balmoral Condominium condo 804934634
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1952614115
The Balmoral Condominium condo 290984637
The Balmoral Condominium condo 24280674
The Balmoral Condominium condo 651939580
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1901590008
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1083808330
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1180783723
The Balmoral Condominium condo 2055447438
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1577855036
The Balmoral Condominium condo 925052979
The Balmoral Condominium condo 126445405
The Balmoral Condominium condo 167008848
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1745857771
The Balmoral Condominium condo 1340329019
The Balmoral Condominium condo 792481877

The Balmoral Bal Harbour was designed and built for those who can only tolerate the very best. This building is close to the most spectacular designer shops and restaurants with the most delectable dishes, and it has exactly the luxury that people with the inclination to live hedonistic lives need.

Price From: 
$465 000

The St Regis

The St Regis condo 1409976172
The St Regis condo 104546824
The St Regis condo 800988676
The St Regis condo 791559142
The St Regis condo 1551218182
The St Regis condo 1528411948
The St Regis condo 147022730
The St Regis condo 577864804
The St Regis condo 165484540
The St Regis condo 1145755503
The St Regis condo 1217008016
The St Regis condo 1981401193
The St Regis condo 2092462339
The St Regis condo 643508664
The St Regis condo 751733198
The St Regis condo 1126809589
The St Regis condo 160803516
The St Regis condo 1067844503
The St Regis condo 1566643516
The St Regis condo 236396421
The St Regis condo 1320103306

The St Regis Bal Harbour is raising the bar for luxury condominium buildings. Residents of this dwelling live in homes that allow them to view the wondrous Atlantic Ocean for 1,000 feet. However, just entering the building is a special experience for residents because they have their own private entrances to the lobby. Once inside, they enjoy the services of a butler as well as those of a valet.

Price From: 
$2 500 000

The Bal Harbour 101

The Bal Harbour 101  condo 1951533537
The Bal Harbour 101  condo 334539056
The Bal Harbour 101  condo 1984261935
The Bal Harbour 101  condo 1464239492
The Bal Harbour 101  condo 1862199587
The Bal Harbour 101  condo 161441437
The Bal Harbour 101  condo 394986507

Ever since the 1970s, people have known that the Bal Harbour 101 is in a highly coveted location. This dwelling is in a prestigious area, and it is so impressive that it definitely deserves to be here. It doesn’t take long for people to learn that this is the truth when they discover how close they are to the Bal Harbour Shops and the finest dining establishments.

Price From: 
$700 000

Bal Harbour

Free search of all available Bal Harbour condo sales and rents. Miami condo, Bal Harbou, Bal Harbour 101, Bellini and Majestic Tower Bal Harbour listing and rental today! As an exclusive Miami condo, Bal Harbour condo is one of the few residential and vacation destinations that offers the best in luxury and opulence. People from all over the world come the South Florida to experience life in the city of Bal Harbour and call it home. Bal Harbour condos are known for their ocean views and 5+ star amenities. Those who reside at the Bal Harbour homes know what a luxury lifestyle demands and willingly accepts their surroundings.

St Regis

St Regis condo 631726615
St Regis condo 631513072
St Regis condo 334447485
St Regis condo 2112665404
St Regis condo 488829283
St Regis condo 817307309
St Regis condo 704508083
St Regis condo 781228336
St Regis condo 564823428
St Regis condo 2087321366
St Regis condo 1723459420
St Regis condo 252441801
St Regis condo 874592509
St Regis condo 1988412410
St Regis condo 68154694
St Regis condo 526846551
St Regis condo 1662807772
St Regis condo 1604337260
St Regis condo 825334001
St Regis condo 1807693388
St Regis condo 1136372542
St Regis condo 1137644477
St Regis condo 703536585
St Regis condo 2132607021
St Regis condo 1087505243
St Regis condo 425190
St Regis condo 2022537223
St Regis condo 859039527
St Regis condo 459321816
St Regis condo 861185794
St Regis condo 1122084030

The three towers of St. Regis Condo Hotel in Bal Harbour have introduced world-class amenities and opulence. View listings for sale & rent in St Regis.

Price From: 
$1 900 000


Balmoral  condo 889560556
Balmoral  condo 1745633358
Balmoral  condo 529277793
Balmoral  condo 393532379
Balmoral  condo 1134574269
Balmoral  condo 2132143067
Balmoral  condo 927965627
Balmoral  condo 748301523
Balmoral  condo 892915208
Balmoral  condo 837243732
Balmoral  condo 1373805039
Balmoral  condo 1243121869
Balmoral  condo 283829174
Balmoral  condo 958996997
Balmoral  condo 359203431
Balmoral  condo 198787170
Balmoral  condo 1220216822
Balmoral  condo 24306088
Balmoral  condo 753026683
Balmoral  condo 761728892
Balmoral  condo 1187793442

Balmoral condos for sale. Among the Miami condos in South Florida, a Balmoral condo exhibits luxury and attracts many personalities that demand the highest level of living. A prestigious Bal Harbour home can be found in the heart of city of Bal Harbour with all the indulgences you crave. Enhance your shopping pleasure in shops that carry designer names, like Gucci and Versace.

Price From: 
$465 000
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