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 In May of 2011, developers started building high-rise constructions in southern Miami at a fast pace. It began about three years ago with the area’s first pre-construction launch party. The latest condominium building to be completed is number 50 on the list, and it will be located within the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach coastal region.


Jorge Perez of the development firm the Related Group is largely responsible for the boom that southern Florida is experiencing. He got an early start by holding a ceremonial groundbreaking for the SLS Hotel & Residences Brickell on January 22. This ambitious undertaking will contain 52 floors of 453 condominium homes and 132 hotel suites and will be situated in Greater Miami.


Originally, there were other plans for the land where the hotel will stand. It was going to house the Infinity at Brickell II during the last phase of the boom/bust housing market. The difference in the Miami real estate climate can also be seen by the fact that developers recently completed construction of a condominium tower that contains 7,100 homes.


Developers do not plan to slow their building down this year. They have 186 projects that are either currently being constructed or are in the planning stage. This means that the area between Key Biscayne and Jupiter will have a total of 25,150 new units constructed within their borders this year. An analysis of records from the Clerk of the Court shows that the current boom is much bigger than the previous housing boom that began in 2003 and ended in 2007. At that time, only 243 towers that contained 49,000 units were constructed within Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.


The Related Group plans to participate in the current boom with 29 new condominium towers that will house 7,500 new units. The firm has already gotten started and has 10 projects in construction now. During the previous housing bust, the Related Group was involved in 24 condominium projects that contained 9,100 units.


The Related Group is not the only development company that is taking part in the current housing boom. Miami condo towers are also being constructed by Martin C. Margulies, Melo Group, Key International, Fortune Development and Dezer Development. Along with these veteran developers, there are also new ones who have never constructed properties in southern Florida before. They are building impressive condominium towers such as Oceana Bal Harbour in Bal Harbour and Regalia tower in Sunny Isles Beach.    


People have mentioned that the fact that there are new developers may be cause for concern because they are unfamiliar with how southern Florida’s housing market works. During the previous boom, lenders financed projects with 70 percent of the money needed to complete the buildings. Now, buyers are largely responsible for funding these ventures. This means that buyers must offer a 50 percent deposit rather than the 20 percent they offered previously. Even so, buyers are not shying away from purchasing at this time, so it looks as if the housing boom will continue.   


Miami Pre-construction Condominium Properties for Sale

Sunny isles Beach Preconstruction condo sales

Florida’s housing market is not acting like housing markets in the rest of the country. Specifically, the preconstruction condo market in Miami has been racing at full speed, and those who are looking for these types of properties have the opportunity to purchase a glorious new condominium home right now. The first thing that people will be interested to know is what they will receive when they buy these new properties. Then, we will inform them on how they can go about becoming one of the fortunate few who will be able to say that they own a new condominium home in Miami.

Our company is in the process of negotiating with the top developers in the area to ensure that we can offer the public only the best investment properties. Our agents are currently lending their expertise to investment opportunities in preconstruction buildings that will please our clients tremendously. The most important of these projects will be described below in detail.

400 Sunny Isles

A total of 230 condominium homes will take up more than 640 feet of space of Intercoastal property in a building that is located on Sunny Isles Boulevard. Residents of this building will have several luxuries extended to them with the purchase of their new homes. Among them are the Olympic-sized swimming pool, slips for residents’ boats and a spa as large as 4,000 square feet. The building will have its own restaurant as well as a private beach club, but access to the beach is assured to make this building as desirable as it could possibly be. The least expensive condominium home will be $650,000. The smallest home is set to be 1,206 square feet, and the largest will be 1,872 square feet. Residents will be able to move into their new homes in 2014. 

Apogee Beach Hollywood Florida 

Condominium homes at the Apogee Beach will be completed in 2014, and the beginning price demonstrates that these are going to be highly luxurious. Starting at $1,200,000, these homes will be located on the beachfront where every resident will have a gratifying view of the ocean no matter where they are. Along with the vast expanse of the ocean, residents will have their own movie theater, their own fitness center and the choice of a two-, three- or four-bedroom home.

Bellini Williams Island Aventura

Williams Island has been compared to France’s Cote d’Azur and Italy’s Liguria and has earned the title “Florida’s Riviera” for being located near the Intercoastal Waterway. The building has mainland Florida in its sights in one direction and the seemingly endless stretch of blue that is the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. The Bellini will be a private community that will stand tall amongst the other buildings that are already in existence. It will be the last building in this area, and it will offer residents a maximum amount of security as it will be a gated community. Those who have boats will be able to take advantage of one of the 160 slips if their vessels are no larger than 160 feet, and they will have full use of the dock master service. From their slips, they will be able to reach the ocean easily from the Haulover. They can lease their slips on a short-term basis, or they can sign a year’s lease.   

Chateau Beach Condo Sunny Isles

Developers could not have planned to construct a new condominium building on Collins Avenue unless it were going to be on the grandest scale, and Chateau Beach is set to be exactly that type of building. It will not be finished until 2015, but it will be deserving of its Collins Avenue address. In a total of 33 stories, this building will only have 84 condominium homes. The beginning price tag will be $1,900,000. For this price, residents will be able to enjoy the spa, the wine lounge, the ballroom, the fitness center that offers residents a view of the ocean and a relaxation terrace. The building will even have a cigar bar that contains humidor boxes.

Porshe Tower Sunny Isles     

158th Street and Collins Avenue will have a new condominium building that will have 57 floors and 132 private homes. The majority of these homes will have two-car garages, but some will have four-car garages. Most of the residents will be able to have the pleasure of boasting to their friends in other buildings that they have their own swimming pools on their own private balconies. The building is being developed by Gil Dezer of Dezer Development and the German Porsche Design Group. Gil Dezer’s claim to fame is the fact that he and Donald Trump joined forces on no less than six oceanfront properties in this area.   

Mansions at Acqualina Sunny Isles Beach

The Mansions has set itself apart from the rest for offering the most ostentatious of the ostentatious a place that will be suitable for them to call home. The air seems to be fresher, the sand appears more luxurious and waves feel more exhilarating just from living at the Mansions. This building surpasses everything that people can receive from any building located anywhere in the United States. The consummate efforts of world-renowned architects and craftsmen made it possible to make such an extreme statement, and it is a dream that is coming true at this very moment. 

In order to begin the process of purchasing a condominium home in one of the properties described above, people only need to contact a knowledgeable Miami realtor. They will need to write a letter of intent and include a $10,000 or $15,000 deposit. They may need to place a 20 percent deposit for some properties. A second 20 percent deposit will be required at groundbreaking, and a final 10 percent must be paid before the condominium home is finished. The second half of the purchase price will be paid at closing.

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