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Qatar firm buys St. Regis Bal Harbour for $213 million

What You Must Know about the St. Regis Resort  

It cost $1 billion to build the St. Regis Bal Harbour. Starwood Resorts and Hotels is responsible for this highly luxurious building that took about six years to complete. It finally had its grand opening last year in January. On January 22 of this year, executives with Starwood announced that the property had been sold to a firm that is based in Qatar. The purchase price was $213 million.


The chairman of Al Rayyan Tourism Investment Company Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al Thani gave a statement to the press last month. In the statement, he expressed the fact that he is extremely pleased with this acquisition. The building will be added to an ever-increasing portfolio of similar properties. The buyer’s portfolio largely consists of assets that can be considered to be “world-class” that are located in the most desirable portions of the planet. The manager of the St. Regis Condo Hotel Bal Harbour will continue to be Starwood Resorts and Hotels, and the name will remain the same.


Starwood’s president of global development Simon Turner stated that the sale was a part of the company’s larger strategy. The company has plans to continue to sell the right properties to the right people so that they can please their shareholders. He also stressed the fact that the St. Regis in Bal Harbour  is a “trophy asset.”


The St. Regis Condo Resort Bal Harbour is a high-rise building that contains 27 floors and is located at 9703 Collins Avenue. The structure has 250 permanent condominium residences, but it also has 210 hotel rooms. The smallest condominium unit has two bedrooms, and the largest unit has five bedrooms. The starting price is $2 million, and the most expensive homes have a price tag of around $10 million. However, most of the homes have already been sold.


The resort is in a great location right across the street from the Bal Harbour Shops, and hotel rooms can cost $450 a night during the summer. During the popular season, rates rise to as high as $1,000 a night. When one considers the fact that a St. Regis room contains 650 square feet of space, marble accents, a balcony and optional butler service, you know that it is well worth the price.


The hotel has a presidential suite, and it has 2,800 square feet of space and contains a private elevator, a dining room and two bedrooms. In September, this gem may cost $5,000 for one night, but the price can easily go up to $30,000 a night in other months.


People do not need to be concerned about star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten of the J&G Grill. His restaurant is not a part of the transaction.


Al Rayyan Tourism Investment Company is a subsidiary of Al Faisal Holding Company, and it is one of the largest private firms in Qatar. Al Rayyan’s other luxury hotels can be found in North America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. 


People Always Have Room for a Second Home

St Regis Condo Hotel in Bal Harbour

Saying that people cannot own too many houses takes things to an extreme, but it is perfectly acceptable to own two homes. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) conducted a survey in 2012 entitled “Investment and Vacation Homebuyers Survey.” The NAR learned that people purchased more vacation homes in that year than in the previous three, and one reason is that more people would rather have their own vacation homes than stay in a hotel. The other reason is that more people were seeking investment opportunities that would strengthen their portfolios, and they found them in real estate. Real estate has proven that it can outperform what stocks are doing in the stock market extremely well.


Upscale vacation homes are in the lead, and they are the type of property that more people are purchasing these days. An example of this trend comes from the St Regis condos. This property caught the eye of the people at Forbes before the groundbreaking ceremony had even taken place. People were talking about condominium homes that had not even been constructed yet.  


Why Purchase a Second Home?


What do you plan to do with your second home? Is it going to be for your own vacations, or do you plan to rent it out to others? Whatever your plans may be at the moment, you may decide something different at a later date. To accommodate this change, you will need to purchase property that can fulfill both purposes. The St Regis Bal Harbour condos can be both vacation homes and investment properties. The building is in a great location right off of the beach, so you and your family would enjoy your stay there immensely. It also has amenities and conveniences that would make it an excellent property to rent to others.


If you plan to rent the property, you may opt to follow a little advice. You might wish to make your second home your primary residence in the future. If this is the case, it would be wise to rent it out to others on vacation rather than as a permanent residence. This makes it unnecessary for you to pay taxes if the renters will not be in the home for longer than 14 days. It will also ensure that the property remains in better condition than if someone was living in it for several months or years. The major advantage that you will have with a unit in the St Regis Condo Hotel in Bal Harbour is that the building offers maintenance services so that you will not have to hire a management company.  


The condos at the St Regis and the many other luxury condominium options that you have are the best place to start when you are looking for a second home. You can be assured that these properties were created by the most acclaimed developers. If you take the time to follow the suggestions that have been outlined in this article, you will enjoy several advantages from your new second home.



Partnership between the St Regis and Neiman Marcus

St Regis Bal Harbour

Some people travel luxuriously, but others take things to another level. Readers will learn about both options from this article.


You booked a room in a luxury hotel in a city that is known as one of the most stylish in the country. When you open the closet door, you find that it is full of designer clothes that are in your size and your colors. Some people may think that a scenario such as this would only occur in their dreams.


The truth is that the scene described above actually does happen, and it occurs on a regular basis at the St Regis Hotel in Bal Harbour. This hotel partnered with the incomparable Neiman Marcus, and the result is that they have created a tremendously hedonistic experience.


What the St Regis Condo Hotel has done is expand what it means to have a personal shopper. The hotel is across the street from the Bal Harbour Shops where Neiman Marcus is located, and this makes it convenient for the store to fill the guests’ closets with clothes before they arrive. They have the choice of selecting their own clothes, or they can allow the store’s personal shoppers to choose for them after they let the stylists know what they desire.


If guests know that they will need something suitable to wear to a formal gathering or that they are going to spend most of their time on the beach, they can inform the store, and the appropriate attire will be in their closets when they first open the doors. If they wish to return the items, they can do so, but guests also have the option of purchasing any of the clothing that they were offered for their stay at the St Regis in Bal Harbour. 


It’s like being treated to a fashion show that was designed for each individual guest where the backdrop is the fabulous Atlantic Ocean.



Increase Your Status with a Bal Harbour Condo

St Regis Bal Harbour

The opulence that hits people as they enter the condominium-hotels in southern Florida is far above what they will find in any other place on the planet. That’s because these condominium-hotels are run by professionals who know exactly how to create the most indulgent experiences. One of these companies is the Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, and they expanded their reach across the globe to include the Miami area in 2012. They have enjoyed their stay in this location so much that they plan to have a presence here into the distant future.

The Starwood constructed condominium buildings in highly esteemed areas of New York City, Poznan and Vienna, and they do so with a brilliance that shines no matter where this company leaves it mark. Bal Harbour is fortunate to be the latest location for a new dazzling Starwood hotel.

Starwood recently introduced the St Regis Bal Harbour condo-hotel to Miami, and it is a building that people can expect to be highly privileged. The St. Regis Bal Harbour condo received a proper welcome from Forbes Magazine when it reported that this building’s opening was more eagerly awaited than any other. Also in 2012, AAA gave this building the highly coveted Five-Diamond award. What people have to look forward to are 243 condominium units that have balconies made of glass and windows that allow for the least obstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The condo-hotel is not the only place to receive the world-class amenities that Starwood offers its guests. People can become permanent residents of the St. Regis and enjoy these majestic indulgences all year round. Those who purchase a home in the St. Regis Bal Harbour Residences will have the Remede Spa to delight their senses every day if they like. They will, most likely, want to partake in every one of the many treatments that the spa has to offer. If you don’t want to take the time to furnish a new home in this building, you don’t have to wait. Some units are already furnished and ready for you to move in. The more design-oriented among us can choose between 15 floor plans for exactly the look and feel that they desire.

Benchmark Hospitality International also had the good judgment to build the One Bal Harbour Residences in the fashionable area of Bal Harbour. These homes are offering those looking for a new real estate investment a wonderful option for aristocratic condominium units. This building has a Guerlain Spa as well as a five-star rated restaurant that gives diners a spine-tingling view of the beach and ocean. This building has the right services and the appropriate amenities that will afford you with the lifestyle that you were born to live.

The place to find the most hedonistic condominium-hotels is in southern Florida. The fact that the most prestigious builders Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide and Benchmark Hospitality International saw fit to add properties to this area means that you will increase your standing immensely just by being here.

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